Mataio Austin Dean was born in Lambeth in 1996 and grew up in Portsmouth. He attended Barton Peveril Sixth Form College, Eastleigh, for his Foundation Diploma and is currently in his first year at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London.

Mataio's practice uses art and its aesthetic, transformative powers to challenge the iniquitous forces of capital and its resulting cultural hegemony, its hegemonisation of human sensuality, visuality and audiality and its commodification of labour processes. To make art can be to recreate life: akin to making life: giving birth to new realities. In this context, and that of Marxian notions of subjective objectification of intention, he is interested in art as a social and/or revolutionary action, and one that has a formidable power in the arena of culture - within which humans live their daily lives.

Mataio's painting, 'Beings of the World, Unite!' was selected for the Royal Academy's young persons' online exhibition. His etching, 'The Golden Calf' was selected for The Masters' Intaglio exhibition at the Bankside Gallery (November 2016).

You can contact Mataio by emailing: